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Once upon a time,
centuries ago,
a Prince filled the canals
around his castle with
millions of rose petals
for the pleasure of his
bride on her wedding day.
While circling the palace
in her bridal vessel the
bride spotted a thin film
of rose oil or rose attar
floating on the water.
From that day forth
rose oil became
highly sought after.


Rose Oil Book

Rose Oil Book
This very special book
need to know about
Rose Oil, its therapeutic
properties & benefits.

Skincare - Healing - Meditation - Expands the Heart - Energizes Aura and Chakras - Libido

There are many claims made about pure Rose Oil (Rose Otto) having positive effects upon all sorts of physical and emotional conditions. Through continued use of Bulgarian pure Rose Otto, many conditions may be improved and enhanced.

Pure Bulgarian Rose Otto is a top note essential oil. Its frequency is extremely high and rapid. The fragrant molecules are released into the air and quickly influence the energy centres of the body. The fragrant molecules, on inhalation, are quickly taken up by the olfactory senses and penetrate and energise the upper chakras of the body.

When this sensation is experienced your connection with the spiritual and the divine is enhanced and you move in concert with the universal force. This gives calming strength and one feels harmonious and comfortable.

Rose Otto exclusively recommended in an article by The Soulmate Site, exploring [single romance, healing and attracting love].

1 drop of Bulgarian pure Rose Otto in half teaspoon of almond oil.

2 drops of Bulgarian pure Rose Otto in a warm bath. Stir water
around and close door to contain fragrance.

Body Oil:
Mix 1 part of Bulgarian pure Rose Otto to 10 parts of carrier oil.
(almond or jojoba)

Otto Diffuser:
Place 2 drops of Bulgarian pure Rose Otto into already warm
water. Have enough water for suitable evaporation.

Put 1 drop of Bulgarian pure Rose Otto in one hand. Rub hands
together vigorously. Hold hands in prayer position near
nose. Avoid contact with eyes.

Water Bowl:
Put boiling water in bowl away from children and pets.
Add 2 drops of Bulgarian pure Rose Otto.

First wash and rinse. Put 2 drops of Bulgarian pure Rose Otto
onto warm washer. Wipe over body avoiding eyes and
other delicate parts.

Do not use your best clothes. Put 1 drop of Bulgarian pure Rose Otto on cuff. Raise to nose to inhale.

Room Spray:
Put 250ml (half-pint) into a plant mister. Add quarter
teaspoon of sea salt and shake well. Add 5 to 6 drops of
Bulgarian pure Rose Otto and shake well before use.

Dream Pillow:
Put 2 to 3 drops of Bulgarian pure Rose Otto onto a cotton ball
or tissue. Place in pillow cuff away from eyes.

Mix 5 drops of Bulgarian pure Rose Otto with 20 drops of
jojoba oil. Use and remake small quantities.

See Body Oil above.

Dab minute amount of pure Bulgarian pure Rose Otto onto
forehead, throat and heart.

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Even the smallest drop of our beautiful rose oil will excite your senses!


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